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Who We Are

It all begins with passion

Our Commitment

What we do

Our mission is to help founders across the globe succeed with their ventures no matter the size, budget, and industry with our tools and knowledge.

Our goals

What we strive for

Our goal is to help 200 founders create valuable and sustainable companies which give jobs to at least 1000 people by 2023.

Rapid Founding was founded by Julius Launhardt in 2021 as a way to collect valuable knowledge about funding and running a successful company in the form of one comprehensive tool that founders could use to start their own venture.

Just like rapid prototyping, rapid founding emphasizes the need for speed and quick decision-making when innovating.

We think: Founders should spend their time creating cool businesses that change the world instead of wasting time finding the right tools, legal documents, tech stack, and all the other little nitty-gritty things that thousands of others had to go through before.

The idea is simple: Countless people go through the same processes every time a new company is founded just for different use cases. They look around online, trying out different things, go back to read more…all the while having to leave their actual task: Create a successful business.

Rapid Founding takes the annoying research part out of the equation so founders can speed up their way to a successful company.

We use our tools ourselves and have created all of them out of our own necessity.

Let’s create a better future for everyone together. Let’s create new jobs, opportunities and wealth for ourselves, out families, our employees and everyone involved.

Let’s do it. Let’s do it NOW!

Julius Launhardt

CEO & Founder RapidFounding